West Bend 82306 Stir Crazy 6-Quart Electric Popcorn Popper – Review

West Bend Stir Crazy 82306 Review

West Bend Stir Crazy 82306

The product West Bend 82306 stir crazy 6-quart electric popcorn popper has been very popular in America for quite some time and you can easily find one in most of the American kitchens. This popcorn maker is dependable and can easily make more than 24 cups of yummy popcorn in even less than five minutes. You will mostly not find any burnt popcorn but in some cases, few unpopped kernels were reported. It is very easy to operate the machine.

The handles are heat-resistant, so you can easily touch them without any harm. The lid of the dome can be used for serving. Some amount of butter can also be added by putting a few chunks on the top, and it will automatically melt and drop on the corn. You get to enjoy tasty popcorn which is just perfect in taste and quality. But unlike other products, the parts of this popper are not dishwasher safe, and you need to clean them with hands only. The absence of the on/off switch is also a drawback. This means that you need to reach out for the electrical cord for unplugging it while the machine is still hot and this can be uncomfortable for your arm.



You will get a bowlful of yummy popcorn in five minutes. The west bend 82306 stir crazy 6-quart electric popcorn poppers have a large fan following due to the great results, and there are many users who want to replace their old model with this popper which pops almost every kernel. There are few owners who prefer to oil the non-stick surface for good results. But tests show great results even in the absence of oil. If you wish to add, know the best oil for popping popcorn. You can even opt for the best combo of popcorn kernels and oil so that you save maximum without compromising on taste.  For better results, remove the cover quickly so that there is no sogginess.

Warning: – It is recommended to unplug the popper when you hear the last popping. This is important to prevent scorching.


The west bend 82306 stir crazy 6-quart electric popcorn popper is an amazing product and is equipped with a rotating arm. This is of great utility in popping all the kernels. There is also a transparent lid which helps in monitoring the popcorn, and this can be used later for serving. But some users state that the lid is delicate, and you need to tinker with the rotating arm so that it does not scrap the non-stick base. Some of the users also claim that the unit is very bulky.


West Bend 82306 Stir Crazy Popper

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The addition of West Bend of motorized stirring rod ensures that every single kernel pops, every time and has brought significant changes in the popper. 6 quarts of yummy popcorn are ready in about five minutes with just one tablespoon of oil per 1/4 cup corn. Easy to clean and operate. The taste of the popcorn is guaranteed…



The unit can be cleaned in a fuss-free manner. But a greasy mess can be created due to the addition of some butter at the top of the popper. The lid acts as a serving bowl also but flipping the unit is a tricky job. You can easily clean the non-stick base using a paper towel after the popper has cooled down for removing the salt residues. And finally, a damp cloth can be used for cleaning. But the rest of the parts need to be hand washed. The cover is bulky which makes the storage inconvenient.


There are many users who complain that the metal stirring rod grind against the base. Thus, there are concerns regarding bits of Teflon present in the snack. But you can easily loosen up the knob and bend the stirrer arm a little bit for getting rid of the problem. Also, some of the owners complain about cracking of the thin lid. There are various reports regarding the longevity of the unit. Few say that the unit lasts two years if you are using it daily while there are others who state that with proper maintenance the popper lasts many years without any problem.


• You get to enjoy more than 24 cups of delicious popcorn.
• It is very simple to use.
• The lid conveniently doubles and can be used for the purpose of serving.
• Almost all the kernels are popped.


• The lid is fragile.
• It is very bulky to store.
• The metal stirrer needs some adjustment.

This popcorn popper is sure to make the excellent texture, and popcorn is produced quickly. However, the major drawbacks are that there is no on-off switch, and the parts cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher.