Best Commercial Popcorn Machines : Top 3

The joys of watching a movie with your family are incomplete without sharing a cup of popcorn. You won’t find a single hangout place like picnic spots, market area, multiplexes and of course, movie theaters without a popcorn vendor selling your favorite scrumptious popcorn for you.

There is a lot of commercial potentials attached to popcorn due to its popularity. People of every age group love to munch popcorn and look for its seller. Therefore, you see a lot of people selecting it as their profession. But to be successful in this venture, you need to have the best commercial popcorn machine which has a high production capability. Also, the machine you select must demand low maintenance and longer service life. One must also check the warranty provided by the supplier before purchasing a machine. There are many other places which invest in commercial popcorn machines to attract people and to keep them busy. Some of these places are schools, daycare centers, churches, businesses and PTA clubs/varsity.

I am going to cover the 3 best commercial popcorn machine that shall suit your requirements and your pocket also if you are looking forward to purchase one.

 1) Paragon TP-8 Theater Pop 8-Ounce Popper Popcorn Machine

Paragon TP-8 Theater Pop 8-Ounce Popper Popcorn Machine

Paragon TP-8 Theater Pop 8-Ounce Popper Popcorn Machine

The Paragon TP-8 Theater is one of an excellent popcorn machines suited for movie theater style corns. It features bright red cabinet and premium graphics. It can produce theater quality, yummy popcorn in just a few minutes. Thus, the machine is best suited for retail use.

This amazing popcorn machine has a side aluminum kettle, built-in warming deck and sturdy cabinet construction. For your convenience, there is an old maid drawer to catch the kernels which are not popped and used later. It comes with a three-year warranty and pops up 147 servings of popcorn hourly with 1 ounce of delicious popcorn per serving.

Brand Name : Paragon. The company is famous for the manufacturing of popcorn machines, snow cone machines, cotton candy machines and other equipment for concession. Backed up by years of experience and prompt friendly service, the products of the company are loved and appreciated by all. The company guards its products with the best warranty policy.

Quantity: 8 oz. machine pops 147 one-ounce servings per hour.

Cleaning: Though it has to be cleaned after each serving, but the machine is not difficult to clean.

Heat Resistant: Under the removable bottom, you find a warming heat element.

Automatic Shut off: There is no on-off switch provided which I wish must have been provided.

Overall an excellent machine with the capability to handle over 700 people without any smoke, spilling and only delicious popcorn!

 2) Great Northern Popcorn Black 8 oz. Ounce Foundation Movie Theater Style Popcorn Machine Top

Great Northern Popcorn Black 8 oz. Ounce Foundation Movie Theater Style Popcorn Machine Top

Great Northern Popcorn Black 8 oz. Ounce Foundation Movie Theater Style Popcorn Machine Top

The awesome antique styling of Great Northern popcorn machine design takes you back to the wonderful days of carnivals, ballgames and movie theaters. The machine comes with inbuilt stainless steel food-zones, exclusive warming deck, tempered safety glass panels, easy to clean stainless steel kettles and 8-ounce kettle. Also, to collect the un-popped kernels which will be very few, there are old maid drawers.

It is a perfect amalgamation of both the worlds: latest technology, classic, old fashioned designs, making the machine best suited for commercial purposes. With all the comforts of the modern era, the machine offers an authentic design, making it quite popular amongst the masses. It is best suited for places where there is a large gathering like churches, varsity/PTA clubs, schools and many others. Operating at 820 watts, the machine has the capability to pop around 3-gallon popcorn per batch.

Brand Name: Great Northern Popcorn Company. The company has made a mark for itself for the excellent quality popcorn machines, cotton candy, hot dog rollers and other concession equipment it manufactures. The machines are manufactured keeping the requirements of both home consumer and concession specialist. All the products are guarded by a good warranty policy.

Cleaning: The kettle can be removed easily and you can clean it with a damp cloth with minutes.

Quantity: Per batch around 3 gallons of popcorn are popped out. Your parties will never be boring and people will never have to wait for more popcorn.

Heat Resistant: The stainless steel body is coated with heavy-duty steel to make it heat resistant.

Automatic Shut off: The deluxe model of the machine comes with three switches for your convenience namely hot heater, stirrer and spot light warmer.

The machine can be shipped outside the USA also. Also, with this buy, you get 50 popcorn serving bags, three plastic serving cups, one popcorn scoop and measuring cups, ABSOLUTELY FREE OF COST!

 3) Funtime Palace Popper 16-Ounce Commercial Bar Style Popcorn Popper – FT1665PP

Funtime Palace Popper 16-Ounce Commercial Bar Style Popcorn Popper – FT1665PP

Funtime Palace Popper 16-Ounce Commercial Bar Style Popcorn Popper – FT1665PP

It is one of the best commercial popcorn machines is from the FunTime Popcorn Company. It can be used with or without the cart as per your convenience. The 16-ounce popper comes with 18’’ Anodized wheels, built- in a stirring system with kettle, built-in heating element, built-in warmer light and a three position control switch. The built-in heating system is located beneath the deck to keep your popcorn warm for a longer time. The old maid drawer can be conveniently pulled out to take out the unpopped kernels. Also, the flip-up lids allow popcorn to pop out of the kettle easily. There is a storage compartment to keep the kernels and other material handy. The machine is strongly recommended for all commercial purposes.

Brand Name: The Funtime Popcorn Company. It is one of the leading manufacturers of hot oil popcorn machines. The machines are known to pop out scrumptious, crisp and buttery popcorn easily.

Cleaning: The kettle can be detached conveniently and can be cleaned thoroughly with a damp cloth within minutes.

Quantity: Around 6 gallons of popcorn are popped out per batch in minutes from the machine.

Heat Resistant: The machine is well-equipped with safety tempered glass panels and French doors. This enhances the decor of the place where the machine is placed.

Automatic Shut-off: The machine comes with three-way switch systems like Spot Light / Deck Warmer, Kettle Heater and Kettle Stirrer.

The machine shall definitely suit your budget and can be easily ordered online and is shipped free of cost to the location.

These were some of the best commercial popcorn machines that are available in market. If you are looking for a right kind of machine to start your own business, then these would suffice your purpose. These are also best suited for institutions and large families where popcorn is enjoyed in large quantities.