Best Hot Air Popcorn Popper

If on a Friday night your whole family is together to watch a good movie and you feel that something is missing, then probably it is the lip smacking pack of freshly prepared popcorn. Popcorn is considered to be a great theater snack and these are not only healthy but also absolutely delicious.  Having your personal hot air popcorn popper is the perfect way of having a light and healthy treat while enjoying a movie. It is a perfect way of building memories which are everlasting. Having a quick look at some of the best hot air popcorn poppers available in the market can be of great help in purchasing the best and most suited gadget.

1. Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper

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Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper

This is a great gadget for popping popcorn and can produce at least 18 cups of healthy corns in hardly any time. This is highly economical and requires gourmet corns. The best part is that the chances of finding un-popped popcorn are rare. This machine can be easily maintained and the base cover is very conveniently cleanable. The butter holding cup is specially designed and it can double up for the purpose of measuring corns. The popcorn shoot is unique which makes this machine a smart and economical buy.


  • The Presto PopLite hot air popper has successfully proved to be far better than other reputed brands.
  • It pops about 30 percent quicker and there are almost no unpopped corns.
  • It utilizes gourmet popcorn and you end up saving at least 70-percent in comparison to the usual microwave bags.
  • It doesn’t use oil for popping and this way you consume 42-percent lesser calories in comparison to the other microwave bag popcorn.
  • There are practically no saturated fats, artificial flavors, added salt or preservatives.
  • The gadget is manufactured to effectively meet the strict North American Electrical Standards.
  • It can be easily operated and pops even faster than a microwave.


The National Presto Industries, Inc. are a perfect example to prove that their success effectively depicts their ability to satisfy their customers and their consistency to deliver the best. The experts are associated with correctly understanding the needs of their customers and continuously trying to come up with the best solutions. The company occupies a prominent position in the field of electrical appliances and housewares. Their glorious history has helped them to emerge as leaders in the category of innovative and high utility products.

2. Great Northern Popcorn Hot Air Popper

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Great Northern Popcorn Hot Air Popper

This is a great machine for preparing about 18 cups of delicious popcorn in not more than 2 minutes and there are practically no unpopped corns. This product is a great buy for a party and the popcorn are healthy and very low in calories. The gadget is highly user friendly and can be easily operated. It also has a top cup for melting margarine or butter and for making simply delectable popcorn easily at home.


  • It utilizes gourmet or regular popcorn and easily saves up to 70 percent in comparison to the microwave bags.
  • It does not need oil for popping and the popcorn is far healthier.
  • The popcorn produced has 42% lesser calories than the microwave popcorn bag.
  • It can be very conveniently cleaned. All you need to do is simply clean the cover and base. This makes your work as a housewife very easy and you can make popcorn in an absolutely fuss free manner.


The popcorn machines, hot dog rollers and several other concession equipments manufactured by Great Northern Popcorn Company are made especially keeping in mind both the concession specialist and home consumers. The company is well known for the finest quality, excellence, customer satisfaction and best of services.

 3. West Bend 82418R Air Crazy Hot Air Popcorn Popper

best popcorn popping machine

West Bend 82418R Air Crazy Hot Air Popcorn Popper

The West Bend was founded in the year 1911 and the company has been a pioneer in the field of kitchen appliances and hot air popper machines. The gadgets manufactured by the company are time tested and the company has made a prominent place in the market of kitchen appliances. The products are popular for the finest quality and great performance. The Air Crazy West Band hot air popcorn popping machine is an ideal addition to your backyard BBQ. This is in fact a must have for the much awaited dinner parties especially in the winters. This popper can easily pop up hot popcorn of the family size portions in 2 minutes. It can be easily used and cleaned and there are no unpopped corn. The machine is completely intended for popping hot and delicious popcorn.


  • The West Bend Hot air popper machine pops much faster than the conventional microwave and easily 16 cups can be produced in about 2 minutes.
  • The attractive features include the cool touch base which is designed for added safety. There is also an ON/OFF switch and an attached cord which is present for storage that is tangle-free.
  • There are no unpopped kernels due to better chute design.
  • There is also a butter warmer present on top duals in the form of a measuring cup and this has family size and single servings markings.


West Bend® is a well known name in the field of kitchen appliances since the year 1911. The innovative products have been popular and in demand because of their great quality, unmatched performance and excellence. The brand believes in complete customer satisfaction. Whether you’re making homemade bread, roasting a chicken, baking a pizza or blending smoothies the West Bend® tries to make the task easier. The company was established in West Bend, Wisconsin and they proudly celebrated their 100th anniversary in the year 2011.

Hot air popcorn is perfect mood lifter for any party and ideal for all age groups. Home made popcorn does not contain any artificial preservatives, are healthier and have lesser calories. Now that you have reviewed a lot of the leading hot air popcorn poppers, you can easily make up your mind and make a smart investment for adding some fun to your parties and movie nights.