Best 8 Oz Popcorn Machine

If you are one those who absolutely love munching popcorn and prefer this healthy snack over several others, then you will need a good popcorn popper. Picking up a suitable popper can be a tedious task, especially with so many varieties available in the market. There is no denying the fact that you will opt for a machine which is best suited for your requirements and functions the way you want it to for great results. The 8 oz popcorn machine comes with clear instructions and can be conveniently assembled and used. Let’s take a quick review of some of the popular brands of these high utility machines. A glimpse of their durability, consistency, uniqueness and safety aspects will prove how awesome these popcorn makers are and you can decide according to your budget and requirement.

1. FunTime FT825CR Antique Carnival-Style 8-Ounce Tabletop Hot-Oil Popcorn Popper

8oz popcorn machine

Funtime FT825CR Antique Carnival-Style 8-Ounce Tabletop Hot-Oil Popcorn Popper

This type of popcorn machine is not only antique but also very beautiful. It is a sure shot hit at every party and will definitely remind you of the yester years. You can easily use this machine as a table top unit or a bar style popper which is independent in nature. And the best part is that it is very safe and can be easily used. If your family loves eating popcorn, then purchasing this unit is a smart choice.


  • It has a tempered glass and metal construction and the machine can be switched on or off in an easy way.
  • This popcorn popper has a 3 position control switch and these effectively control the Deck warmer and Spotlight, Kettle stirrer and Kettle heater which is inside the popper.
  • The heating efficiency and popping capacity of the machine is amazing.
  • It can easily pop out about eight ounce popcorn within no time.
  • It can be cleaned very easily. All you need is a warm cloth or a paper towel for wiping it and you can easily rinse the kettle using hot water.
  • The machine has a flip up lid which helps the popcorn to easily pop out and the unpopped kernels can be collected inside the pull-out kernel catcher.

2. Great Northern Popcorn 6010 Roosevelt Top Antique Style Popcorn Popper Machine, 8-Ounce

cheapest 8oz popcorn machine

Great Northern Popcorn 6010 Roosevelt Top Antique Style Popcorn Popper Machine, 8-Ounce

This is an amazing popcorn popper which you must purchase right away. It is a superb buy for the much awaited movie night or the fundraiser function. Also, this is an excellent addition to the game room. The popping kettle pops 8 ounce of yummy popcorn quickly and functions on 860 Watts.


  • It has stainless steel kettles which can be effortlessly cleaned and also have heated warming decks, old-maid drawers to collect un-popped kernels, stainless steel food-zones and tempered glass panels which add to its effectiveness.
  • The popper has a 3 position control switch that also supports inbuilt popcorn warming light, spot-light warmer, stirrer and pot heater for your convenience.
  • It can also be used as table top without the use of cart.
  • It can be easily maintained and cleaned with normal or warm water since it has powder-coated steel and heavy duty stainless steel construction.

So if you are interested in purchasing a heavy duty popcorn popper which can make around 3 gallons popcorn in one batch, then go for 6010 popper with its customary design. It also supports the convenience of making popcorn within no time due to its new age popping technology.

3. FunTime Sideshow Popper 8-Ounce Hot Oil Popcorn Machine with Cart

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FunTime Sideshow Popper 8-Ounce Hot Oil Popcorn Machine with Cart

This popcorn popper supports hot oil stainless steel kettle with an outstanding additional capacity and it heats up really fast. The heat is uniformly dispersed which results in an increase in the number of popped kernels.


  • This popper comes with a stirring system and also has a lid assembly which is free in nature. This facilitates the automatic exit of popcorn from the kettle and saves you the extra effort.
  • The Sideshow popper machine comes with a built in warmer which helps in keeping the popped popcorn hot and fresh. This will keep the popcorn extremely delicious for a longer time.
  • This 8 ounce popper is very easy to operate and quick.
  • This can be easily maintained and cleaned and the theater style popcorn produced are simply amazing.

So if you are a true popcorn lover and like to eat 200 cups of the delectable popcorn in a year like a typical American, then you can choose any one of the best 8 oz popcorn machine mentioned.