About Me – Sarah

Hi ! My name is Sarah and I am 35 years old. I live in US and I have two children and one loving husband who is always my side in my ups and down.

My husband is a businessmen and he is into tech industry. We have a happy family we both like to spend time with our parents and other relatives and we often invite them to our house for movies, NFL, Baseball, etc. We enjoy watching together and the fun increases 10 times when you eat plenty of fresh and hot popcorn instantly. My husband is a big fan of popcorn.

One day I was having a conversation with my friends and was discussing about our night parties and the fun we have. Then we started discussing about popcorn poppers. We had a long discussion about it and too my surprise my husband was watching our conversation and when my friends left he came to me and appreciated my knowledge about Popcorn Poppers. He suggested me to provide all this information online for people so they can get benefit from it. As now my kids goes to school I had free time so I thought to utilize this time and help people to choose the best popcorn popper.

My loving husband created this website for me and I am really thankful to him. I hope my information and reviews helps you to spread happiness in your families by choosing the best popper.

Thanks and Regards,

Sarah Haley