3 Best Popcorn Kernel Brands

I have many friends coming up to me and saying that the quality of their popcorn is not similar to what I serve them at my home. One of the most crucial things to enjoy a bowl full of yummy popcorn in your home is to invest in excellent quality of kernels. Even if you have the best popper in your kitchen, it will not be able to show 100% results until it is fed good quality kernels. We all want fluffy, big sized popcorn and uthe least un-popped kernels. Let me share with you my 3 top quality popcorn kernel brands which will yield the desired results.

1. Snappy White Popcorn, 4 Pounds

Snappy White Popcorn, 4 Pounds

Snappy White Popcorn, 4 Pounds

Snappy White Popcorn is popular for being a healthy snack. It has low calories and high fiber content. The popcorn is purely non-GMO, the quality desired by many popcorn lovers. Apart from providing awesome taste, they provide complete nutrition as are whole-grain. The great texture and crisp taste of the popcorn is loved by all. The kernels pop up nicely and very few un-popped are left behind. You can even add some seasoning to it, to enhance the flavor. For health conscious people, these are just PERFECT!
The best part is that they are compatible with all the machines, so you don’t have to worry on that account.

Pro’s of Snappy White Popcorn

• White in color popcorn
• It is a healthy snack
• Rich in Fiber –Helps to control Cholesterol Levels
• Low Calories- Best for people who want to shed some extra calories
• Whole Grain- Helps in Digestion
• Since 1940, it has been growing in Iowa.

The trustworthy kernels come from a third generation company which is backed by years of experience in this field. Since 1940, the company has been serving its customers with great quality popcorn in the form of kernels and popcorn machines. The kernels are grown in the fertile fields of Iowa. Being one of the largest concession dealers in the US, the company boasts of the best quality popcorn. If you have any doubt, you can call the customer care company at their toll-free number 800-742-0228. They are very candid and will answer all your doubts.

I personally use this brand and the results are amazing with my family and friends praising me of serving such delicious snack to them.

2) White Tiny Tender Popcorn (Yoder’s)

White Tiny Tender Popcorn (Yoder’s)

White Tiny Tender Popcorn (Yoder’s)

Undoubtedly, Yoder’s White Tiny Tender Popcorn is the premium quality popcorn with no artificial preservatives and ingredients added. Without any hassles, the kernels pop up easily and are roughly half the size of normal popcorn. The hull of the popcorn is almost not there which makes them stand apart from other brands. Apart from you getting a treat with the delicious popcorn, it is a treat to your pocket also as you find very little un-popped or half- popped kernels.

The popcorn kernel is more delicate to taste than its counterparts. You add some seasoning to it to enhance the taste. I personally use coconut oil during popping and they taste scrumptious! Another tip is that they yield optimum results when popped in a pan or a stove top.

Pro’s of White Tiny Tender Popcorn (Yoder’s)

• Yoder possesses all the goodness of Amish Country.
• When popped the “Old Fashioned Way” i.e. in a pan or a gas stove, they yield best results.
• No preservatives or artificial ingredients added, thus, you enjoy the unadulterated taste of popcorn.


The company has been serving people since 1936 with amazing and premium quality popcorn. Quality is the top most priority for Yoder. Kernels grow in 1,700 acres of farm including the acreage around the Shoppe.
I have myself gifted these kernels to my friends who love to pop popcorn on a stove top. Order them right away!

3) Great Northern Popcorn Original Popcorn, 12.5 Pound

Great Northern Popcorn Original Popcorn, 12.5 Pound

Great Northern Popcorn Original Popcorn, 12.5 Pound

For those, who are looking for bulk purchase for commercial use or for hosting a party or event at home, Gourmet Yellow popcorn kernels from the Great Northern Company are perfect. The kernels are known for tender flakes and enhanced expansion quality. Enjoy the most tender, fluffiest and the largest size popcorn, once you are using these kernels. With very few kernels left un-popped or half-popped, these are an excellent value for money. Order now, Great Northern Popcorn Original Popcorn to relish theater like popcorn at your home.

Pro’s of Great Northern Popcorn Original Popcorn

• The yellow color popcorn is loved by all as the kernels are individually selected so that all possess the same quality of tenderness and expansion.
• These are ideal for those who are looking for value of money on bulk purchases.
• For maximum freshness, these are packed in a moisture proof bag.

According to my experience, you must use 3 parts of corn in 1 part of oil. Also, if you add little butter and salt during popping, you will get theater like popcorn at home. The best part of this product is, I don’t have to worry that I’ll run out of popcorn if I have an unexpectedly large number of friends at my place.


The key to excellent taste is quantity and quality which is well followed by the Great Northern Popcorn Company. After the harvesting of popcorn kernel is done, they are kept in properly conditioned storage bins which are especially designed for this purpose. All the efforts are done by the company so that the kernels meet the prescribed standards levied by the government.
Here is my list of top popcorn kernel brands to be used. According to your own requirements, pick up one and serve delicious popcorn to friends and family.