Popcorn Popper Reviews – Best Popcorn Popper 2017

*-*—Hi! My name is Sarah Baley. I have a happy family which comprises of my loving husband and two beautiful children. Our family love grows each day, especially when we sit together and watch movies, Soccer, NFL, etc. along with our favorite popcorn. My husband is a businessman, and he likes to spend maximum time with us and enjoy every moment of it. From the last five years, popcorn has been a part of our family time together. I have also made use of many popcorn popper machines and have had mixed experiences with them, some good and some bad. So, I thought of bringing all the information online so that you can choose your popcorn popper without having to look far and hard. Take a look at my latest popcorn popper reviews that cover all kinds of poppers including the air popcorn popper, microwave popcorn popper, glass popper and many others to help you pick the best popcorn popper for your family and kids.

⇢ SARAH’S CHOICE: BEST Popcorn Poppers

Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper, White

Casio Privia PX850

I highly recommend this product because it has got all the important features which are required in a popcorn popper. The company provides many after sales services in case you need their help. Read the full review to find out why this is the best popcorn maker.

Cuisinart CPM-100 Popcorn Maker, Red

Casio Privia PX850

With three year warranty from the manufacturer and convenience of the On/Off switch, this hot air popper from Cuisinart tops the list. Get ready with delicious, healthy and fluffy popcorn in minutes with this popper in your kitchen. Never will your parties or weekend boring again! Read the full review to know its interesting features making it one of the best popcorn machine.

I never thought of this website until one day when I was having a conversation with my friends about popcorn poppers and the fun we have using them. We discussed many aspects including,  which is the best model and what to look for while buying one. My husband happened to overhear the entire conversation, and he was surprised to know of my expertise in this area, and he recommended me to create a website about it. He said that through this, I can help people and answer some of the very basic questions like ” What features should I look for while purchasing Popcorn machines?”, “Are popcorn poppers good for health?”,”How long does it take to make popcorn using them?”, “Which is the best and most affordable model to purchase?” and much more. Thus, to help you with these queries and bring the best information online, I decided to start this website. You will find the Best popcorn popper here as per your requirements. I publish new things regularly, and I hope you will enjoy reading them.

Let’s start with the things we need to consider before buying a Popcorn Popper:

QuantityTimeWarrantyTypeCleaningHeat Resistant
Some poppers produce up to 6 quarts in about 5 minutes and therefore, if you have a big family, and you need to make popcorn in a greater quantity then you can make your choice on this basis.
Mostly all poppers take about 3 to 8 minutes. It all depends on the quantity of kernel you are adding and which type of popper you are using. You can also make a choice on this basis.
Many poppers come with up to 25 years of warranty and thus you should look for the warranty before making a choice.
Many kinds of popcorn machines are available which serve different purposes. It includes microwave, hot air, stove top poppers etc.
Cleaning the popcorn poppers can become a difficult task and if you are looking forward to buying one of them, then you must look for one which is sticking resistant or the popper with a non-stick coated popping surface.
The most important thing that should be checked before buying any popcorn popper is its heat resistance. Poppers should have heat resistant handles and bases so that there is no chance of any accidents.

Buyers Guide – The Best Features To Look Out For In My Popcorn Popper Reviews

I have already discussed about the things we need to consider before buying a popcorn popper and thus now I am going to educate you about the best features that should be considered before buying. Every popper will have almost similar features but some are good in some ways and some in others. So, I am going to describe all the features which you must consider before purchasing for a popcorn popper :-

1. Brand Name : Always look for a good brand while purchasing. My recommendations are Presto, Wabash Valley Farms and West Bend. The only reason why you should purchase branded machines is that they use good quality materials which are heat resistant and this ensures that you are able to use the popper for longer period of time. You will also be able to clean it easily.

2. Quantity : Different poppers will have different popping capacity so if you have a big family, you must a popper which can support your needs. If you have a small family, then you may look for a popper that has a decent capacity. Many poppers can produce 4 to 18 cups of popcorn in just 3 minutes.

3. Cleaning : If you are a home-maker like me, you know how difficult it can become to clean poppers. I would suggest you to find a popper which can be cleaned easily. This is a major issue which is being faced by many people in their homes as well as the poppers which are used for commercial purposes. Always check if the popper is made of a material which is anti-sticking and prevents sticking and burning by stirring every kernel until it pops.

4. Heat Resistant : Sometimes it becomes very difficult to handle the popper if you leave it for long. Thus, I would recommend you to make sure to check the material of the popper. I would recommend the Presto 04820 Pop Lite Hot Air Popper as I have never faced any kind of problem with it over the pasts 6 months of having used it.

5. Automatic Shut off : This feature is a life savor for me. I have small kids and every now and then I have to run behind them and thus, I needed an automatic shut off so that even if I left the machine on by mistake, I would be certain that it would switch off automatically.

6. Roasting Coffee Beans : Some of the poppers like the Presto 04820 Pop Lite Hot Air Popper can be used for roasting coffee beans. I have tried this and it works just fine but I recommend that  you do not try this.

⇢ THE BEST Popcorn Popper Reviews Table

Model Price
Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper $$
Wabash Valley Farms 25008 Whirley Popper $$
Nordic Ware 60120 Microwaver Popcorn Popper 12 Cup $
West Bend 82306 Stir Crazy Popper $$
Great Northern Popcorn Hot Air Popper, Yellow $$